GED® , which stands for “tests of general educational development” is the test that every high-school graduate in the USA has taken and passed. Getting your GED® in South Africa means that you’re on the same academic level as any American high school graduate. The GED® consists of four subjects: Math, Science, English and Social Studies. English is separated in to two parts which are writing and reading. Being a South-African you can also get your GED® on the GED® academy. You would probably want to know what matric equivalency courses there are in South Africa and what the benefits are,we’ll explain them in this article.Testimonial 03

5 day free trial

Getting your GED® is a perfect and complete replacement for  an application for a matric credential. Having your GED® will allow you to be able to do the same things as someone who graduated at grade 12 with their matric.  It is practically the same as receiving your matric online.  You’re able to apply to most of the same universities as someone with their matric. Many students aren’t able to receive their matric because they dropped out or failed for different reasons. Students may need to work and can therefore not finish their education with a matric. Other reasons for not being able to get your matric through regular education are  bullying and pregnancy. Many students get bullied so extremely which makes it impossible for them to continue their regular education. Some students are looking for an adult matric which we can help them with. It is true that schooling in South Africa is not easy. Thankfully if you do not have your matric yet we can help.

GED TESTThe GED® is not only recognised in South Africa but also in the United States as an American GED®, and many other countries. You can seek employment and education both nationally and internationally. It may be a matric alternative not equivalent in South Africa but it is also recognized everywhere else in the world increasing your chances of good education and employment. Since a GED® is recognized internationally it is a great addition to you to have already written your matric. It will allow you to enrol in universities or seek employment internationally, this wouldn’t have been possible with only a GED®.Having a GED® significantly improves your chances of finding employment because it will prove to your employer that you possess a good learning base and some sort of knowledge which will make you a better choice for an employee. It is also accepted as a matric at most universities throughout South Africa which would enable you to continue your higher education when you couldn’t get your matric.

5 day free trial

Getting your GED® with the GED® academy is fast as well, this is especially a benefit for people who are home-schooled. Many home-schoolers often find out that their education will take a lot longer than regular education, to avoid this, getting your GED® is often a good solution because of ease of use with the correspondence style learning platform. You can also study part time which allow many students to work and still finish their matric in a reasonable amount of time. For those students looking how to get matric fast you have found the answer. You can get your Matric in 6 months with some students even getting their GED® in three months! Learning will become fun and exciting once again. Many students who have passed the GED® academy  are very happy with their performance and the speed of the process. And because it is not a full-time education you are able to do it while studying or working full-time without the hassle.The excellent online setup means that you can study your GED® matric online.
The final benefit is that it is much cheaper than most options for receiving your South Africa matric. It only costs you R2300 for the online tuition and even this is a lot cheaper than most other options for getting your matric. We offer the use of a 5-day free trial to show you how easy and fun learning can be and for you to make sure that the GED® academy is something you want to do. It is the perfect solution for many people without a matric

Know I have mentioned all the benefits about your GED® you probably want to know how to get your GED®. The GED® academy is an SA based online school where you can work at your own pace. Learning is made easy. You don’t need any books or have to worry about the problems distance learning brings,there are no night schools to attend. Everything is online and you’ll be able to watch videos, practice tests and even have a personal tutor. You can do it whenever you want making learning fast and simple. All you have to do is sign up for the academy online and pay a one-time fee after which you have a year access to the program. As mentioned before the exam consists of five tests: English reading, English writing, science, maths and social studies. Your exam will be taken in an official GED® testing center, at one of 34 GED® test locations in South Africa.The test institution locations are located in all the main centres such as Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein,Johannesburg,Boksburg, Soweto, Limpopo and many of the other larger towns and cities. An exam costs only 50 dollars. There is no age limit on your exam writing age but you have to be at least sixteen years old to write these exams and you can take them whenever and however you want. This truly is an excellent alternative to writing the conventional matric, as even adults can get their matric quickly and easily and you can have your GED® complete with your credential in 3 months.

Following the program is extremely easy and quick. Lessons, teaching videos, exercises, simulated exams and practice tests are all provided. All that you have to do is perform the activities that your personal tutor recommends you to do, these recommendations are based on the results you got in an initial review test which checks on which level you are per subject, this will save you a rewrite when the time comes for you to write the test. When you’re ready for the exam your personal tutor will tell you and then you can enroll in an exam at a GED® exam centre to get your matric. If you are looking for a credential of completion, you don’t have to apply for matric credential online, we can help you get your certificate of evaluation from saqa and other reputable foreign qualifications authorities. Requirements are that you have done your GED® and SAT’s. 


 So all in all I hope that you are now convinced that getting your GED® at the GED® academy is the perfect solution when you for whatever reason were not able to get your GED®.  It is easy, fast, cheap and is accepted internationally. It will increase your chances of getting a job and you will be accepted at many colleges both in South Africa and in the rest of the world. You don’t need to sit in classrooms filled with students for multiple years in order to continue your education. I hope that we’ll see you back at the GED® academy soon.